Activation Options

Activation Options
With the new Launcher PRO 3.0, you can activate it from within the application itself. And now, there's more than one way to activate
Static Activation
The classic way of activation, it still is the preferred way of activating Launcher PRO. And now, it can be done right from within Launcher PRO. There's no change in the way static activation works.
Dynamic Activation

On top of static activation, you now have the option of dynamic activation. Think of dynamic activation as a roaming profile. You're not stuck on one or two machines. You have the flexibility to use a third, a fourth, or your friend's laptop.

And the best part is, you won't have an issue choosing one over the other. Because your option is not one or the other. It's one AND the other. You can statically activate an instance of Launcher PRO up to however many your limit is AND dynamically activate one more.

This dynamically activated instance won't count towards your activation limit and will last for at least 7 days. After 7 days, you can reactivate the same machine or activate a new one...and the cycle continue.

Note: Activation requires Google Authenticator. Set it up on your phone now.