About Launcher PRO 3.0

The original software solution that revolutionized coding, just got better in all aspect. The all new Launcher PRO 3.0 is the next iteration of the original Launcher 2.0. It has been rewritten from the ground up and utilizes the latest improvement in .NET-based application.

Launcher PRO 3.0 removes a lot of the stuff that Launcher 2.0 accumulated over the years, like support for older versions. Removing obsolute code makes Launcher lighter and faster.


  • Made with Windows Presentation Foundation Framework for better adaptability across different devices
  • Customizable memory settings, up to 8GB (when used with JRE x64)
  • Enhanced System Stability
  • Zero configuration for supported applications
  • Virtual Token - No more separate tokens. Use of token is maintained to ensure signature of CAF is correct when it is written to ECUs
  • Blocks modified and customized files, both JAR and CAFD files
  • Enhanced CAFD and FAFP mapping
  • Supports the following version:
    • 3.27.1
    • 3.28.0, 3.28.1
    • 3.31.0
    • 3.32.0
    • 3.32.1 32bit and native 64bit
  • Supports side-by-side installation of E-Sys
  • Cheat Codes - made possible by contributors who believe in making our cars just a little bit better. Now more intuitive than ever, by producing verbose output
  • KIS DB exclusion - prevent certain Knowledge Bases from loading to increase available memory for E-Sys use


Launcher PRO Splash Screen

All New stylish loading screen.

Launcher PRO

Launcher PRO - Improved UI, less clutter, giving emphasis to more important and frequently used settings


Complete access to advanced settings - to better improve or enhanced the operation

Knowledge Bases

Knowledge Bases - select the knowledge bases you want excluded. Don't have a Rolls Royce? Don't load its KBs, saving crucial memory and let the app use it where it's needed the most

FDL Codes

Select the FDL Codes you need. FDL Cheat Codes are provided by dedicated users from the community. They make coding so much easier and more accurate.

The improved FDL Cheat codes shows a detailed output and will give you an instant feedback as to what worked and what didn't.

FDL Preview FDL Status